This cost performance is amazing!

Nov. 8

Today’s dinner was our “Izakaya Menu”.


Sashimi with Hiramasa, Squid, and Nama-Shirasu



Roast Vegetable Salad



Tarraco Spaghetti






It is our standard dish, and there is a sense of stability.




1st Belle du Sud Chardonnay 2022 1,078 yen

Belle du Sud is a wine from Languedoc that is developed and imported by me as a PB wine of the Seven & i Group.

This has also become a standard wine in our house, and it has become completely familiar.

I felt rich fruit taste, clean acidity and nice minerality.

I am happy by confirming again the pure and natural taste.

I think it’s an excellent value wine.



2nd Belle du Sud Pinot Noir 2022 1,078 yen

The red of PB wine is Pinot Noir.

As a 1,000 yen class Pinot Noir, this quality seems to be outstanding.

I felt charming red fruit acidity, refreshing astringency, and smooth mouthfeel.

It has a fresh red berry fruitiness.

Pinot Noir seems to have all the tastes that I want it to be.

I think this cost performance is amazing.