Chateau Fongrave Blanc

May 30

Today’s dishes.


Yanaka Ginger



Sashimi Chopped Off



Salad with Chicken, Okra, Strawberries, Apples and Cheese



Okinawa Agu Pork Tnderloin and apples Saute




They were very well done.



1st Chateau Fongrave Blanc 2020 1,650 yen

White wine from Saint- Macaire in the upper reaches of the Bordeaux-Garonne River.

It is made from 100% Semillon grown without pesticides.

I felt thick fruits, mild acidity, firm minerality with a slight bitterness.

It is a wine that proceeds with the meal.

It has a solid body, so it goes well with meat dishes.

It was perfect for today’s dish.



After that, I cleaned up the bottles that I had left over little by little.

I didn’t have enough to drink, so I also drank Armagnac for cooking.

Oh no!