hirosaki craft wines Primo Passo

May 29

Today’s dishes.





Sashimi with Kuromutsu, Maaji, Hon-Maguro and Hotaru-Ika



Salad with Prosciutto, Strawberries, Apples, Snap Peas, Okra and Cheese






Tarracos Spaghetti



Today’s sashimi was very fresh.




1本目 hirosaki craft wines Primo Passo Pet- Nat 2023  3,200 yen  Sample Tasting

“hirosaki craft wines” is a small vineyard and winery opened by Hiroki Osanai, a cultivator, at the foot of Mt. Iwaki.

He took early retirement from a major liquor manufacturer in 2020 and trained at  ARC-EN-VIGNE in Nagano before opening a 0.9-hectare vineyard in his hometown of Hirosaki in 2021.

Last year, he completed his own cellar and started his own winemaking, and this is the first vintage that will be released soon.

Steuben from Aomori Prefecture is fermented at low temperature in a plastic open tank for 40 days and then bottled.

You can feel the firm acidity, subtle sweetness and gentle minerality.

Sulfur-free pet nuts have a soft, fluffy and gentle mouthfeel.

It is a pure and pleasant drink that cannot be imagined from the cloudy appearance.

It has a presence and complex flavor unique to wines that do not tamper with grapes and have a long fermentation period.

This is a good wine.



2本目 hirosaki craft wines Primo Passo Rosato 2023 3,200 yen Sample Tasting

This first vintage of Hiroshima Craft Wines will feature six wines.

At Relax Wine, we are in charge of selling two of them, the first Pet-Nat and this Rosado.

This is a rose wine made by slowly fermenting Steuben from Aomori Prefecture over 70 days without adding sulfite.

I felt beautiful rose color, raspberry and strawberry aromas, pleasant acids and tannins.

It has a faintly sweet flavor and a gentle and mellow mouth.

It does not contain sulfurous acid, and its unique taste derived from long-term low-temperature fermentation is the same as the first Pet-Nat.

The release of Primo Passo from Relax Wine is scheduled for late June.

Please expect!