Oden with Wine

Feb. 12

No Wine Day



Feb. 13

Today’s dinner is Oden.



When I cooked Oden, it’s difficult to choose a wine, so I’m always at a loss.


If it’s a white wine with a strong acid that I like, it doesn’t seem to go well with the flavor of the oden ingredients, and it doesn’t seem to go well with the astringency of red wine.



Is it rose?

I thought about it, and suddenly chose Kobe Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon Clairet.



I felt mild acidity, subtle sweetness and pleasant tannins. The soy sauce and mirin-based broth and the aroma of Cabernet with the presence of Kobe wine go surprisingly well.

It’s also a nice touch for my favorite Chikwabu.



The second bottle was Japan sake.

Miyagi Ichinokura special Junmai Sake.

After all, Japan Sake is good for oden.



Oh, yes, before Oden, I also had Hirame Sashimi and Aji-Tataki.