The wedding of my son

Dec. 2

This diary is basically a record of the wine I drank and the events related to my wine work.

I try not to write too much about my personal events, but today is a special super crazy event.

Please forgive me.



Today is the wedding of my son, Dai, who works as a wine buyer at Mottox.

They were enrolled in May last year, but due to circumstances, the wedding was held today.



The ceremony was held at Hotel New Otani Osaka.

It was a memorable place where the bride’s parents had a wedding.

It is a wedding ceremony only for the bride and groom and their parents.



It was the first time in my life that I wore a morning clothes.



The event started with a photo shoot.



The bride’s red striking is dazzling.

It’s like a princess in a Taiga TV drama.



It was performed in a Shinto ceremony.



In the solemn atmosphere, I felt a very good “spirit”.



Reception was held at a special room on the top floor.




We saw the autumn foliage of Osaka Castle overlooking from the room.




We had a fine multi-course Japanese cuisine.







As for wine, we had four kinds of wines that Dai has made so far.



It’s the first time I’ve drunk all 4 vintages at once.

I might like the Sauvignon Blanc from the first vintage Yarra Valley in Australia the most.




After all, it’s good to celebrate.



Today was a great day.