Two-day trip to Osaka

Nov. 30

No Wine Day




Dec. 1

I had a private one-night, two-day trip to Osaka.




Excitedly, I reserved a suite.




I could see The Osaka Castle from the room.

It was lit up in red and has a bewitching appearance.



I had dinner at a stylish Kushiage restaurant in the hotel.




A number of elegant plates that break the concept of fried skewers, which are prohibited from being dipped in sauce twice.





It was very tasty.


As expected, the wine list was extensive, and I chose Domaine de Nozey Sancerre.

It was Sauvignon Blanc made by a prestigious winery in the Loire.



The wine was also delicious.



I ordered a course meal of fried skewers, but at the end I was so full that I couldn’t finish it.



At night in Osaka, I was devoured.

After that, I fell asleep on the sofa in my room.



It’s no good.