The Second Day of my Hakone Trip

Jan. 21

It was the second day of my Hakone trip.

I moved to Marazuru Point from Hakone.



I went on a date here with daimajo-sama 41 years ago.

Well, it was a long, long time ago.



It was the first time I have come here with daimajo-sama in these about ten years.


Then I went back home early.

On the way to home, I bought foodstuffs.

I cooked dinner.



Madai Carpaccio



Green Salad



Pork with Apple Saute



Very good!



1st Misono Vineyard Pink Niagara 2022  2500 yen

It is made from 100% Niagara grown in the estate vineyard in Yoichi Hokkaido by organic method.

After the press the grapes, the skins of Pinot Noir were confit in the juice a day.

Then it is fermented by wild yeast without sulfur.

I felt an obvious acidity, rich fruits and good minerals.

The taste was very pure, natural and clean even though the turbid looks.  

Very good!



2nd Estezargues Organic Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2021  1580 yen

I chose a white wine for the pork and apple sauté today.

It is made from mainly Grenache Blanc grown in the estate vineyards in South Rhone by organic method.

It is fermented by wild yeast without sulfur.

I felt big volume fruits, pure acidity and very deep minerals.

It was very good for the pork and apple sauté.

I am sure again and again that it is a very good Vin de Nature.