Machida Peony Park

May. 8

It was a very fine day.



I went to Machida Peony Garden.



The peak of bloom has already passed but there were still a lot of peony flowers.




They were so beautiful.



I also saw a lot of field mustards in full bloom on the hill near the park.



It was a so nice walking.



I cooked one dish for dinner.

Gold Kiwi & Mozzarella



I change the tomato to kiwi.

It was so nice.




1st Misono Vineyard Delaware 2021  2500 yen

Misono Vineyard is a new winery in Yoichi Hokkaido established in 2019.

This one is the second release vintage of the winery.

It is made from 100% Delaware grown in the estate vineyard by organic method.

It is fermented by wild yeast without sulfur non-added sugar with grape skins and seeds.

The second fermentation is made in the bottle.

I felt charming red fruits, good acidity and elegant babbles.

The mouthfeel is very charming.

I is sure that this one is a very fine Orange- Petillant.



2nd Rubaiyat Koshu Karoyaka 2020  1980 yen

Rubaiyat is the old family winery in Katsunuma Yamanashi.

It is made from 100% Koshu grown in Iwai vineyards in Katsunuma.

It is fermented by wild yeast without sugar.

“Karoyaka” means a light style in Japanese but I felt a very fine body.

I also felt delicious fruits, good acidity and fine minerals.

This wine is produced by Mr. Sumiya Omura, who is a young winemaker and the 5th generation of the family.

He did a very good job.

Only 1468 bottles produced.