The last day in Hokkaido

Sep. 8

It was the fourth day and the last day in Hokkaido.

I waked up 5:30 am and went a 3 kilometers ran.





Because there were many up and down, it was a difficult run.  



Before I came back to Tokyo, I went to Yubari and had a sightseeing.

Unfortunately, almost all tourist spots were closed because of the State Emergency.






Yubari is very popular as the production area of melon.

I had a melon soft cream and cut melon at a roadside station.







Accidently, I met monstrous Melon Bears there.







It was scary…



Then I arrived at Shin-Chitose Airport early to write this blog.





There were very few people because of the State Emergency.



I had a nice seafood bowl at the airport restaurant.





There were very few people at the departure lobby, too.

It was the first time for me the such situation.






Finally, I came home safety and taste some wine.

I have done the trip to Hokkaido perfectly.


I think I did a very good job!