The Third Day in Hokkaido

Sep. 7

It was the third day of my trip in Hokkaido.




I waked up 5:20 am and went a 3km run.

It was very nice run along the beach line.



It was a breakfast at the hotel.





I was surprised at seeing so many dishes.



It was a day-off today.

We went sightseeing in Shakotan Peninsula.




We arrived at Shimanui Coast.





The color of sea was cobalt blue.

It is called “Shakotan Blue”.





We went down a cliff 100 meters high.

It was so hard job especially the return climbing.



Then we went back to Sapporo.

I left Fujii-san hear and went to Sapporo Fujino Winery.



I arrived at Sapporo Fujino Winery at the first time with no appointment.





Unfortunately, they are closed every Tuesday.

It was Tuesday today.

I couldn’t see the cellar and vineyards.








Then I went to Senmaru, which had a lot of rare Japan Wine.





Fortunately, I could buy many my favorite bottles which are difficult to find.



Finally, we went to Yunna-no-Yu, which is a nice Spa & Hotel in Yuna.





It was my 62th birthday today.

I was going to have a gorgeous dinner at some excellent restaurant in Sapporo by the first plan.

However, because of the state emergency in Sapporo, the wine service was prohibited there.


Then I came hear and had a nice dinner by the room service.





I enjoyed a very nice dinner with very fine Hokkaido wine.





I also enjoyed a private spa in the room.



I think I got a big success today.

Thank you so much!