Marusan Wine

May 31

May will be passing away.

All alcohol beverage services were prohibited in this month.

It was the first experience for everybody in Japan.

I was a true nightmare.

I want to awake.





1st Marusan Wine Koshu Hyaku 2019  1540 yen

I always think it is very fine Koshu when I taste this one.

I like the outstandingly nice balance.

I also like the rich fruits, nice acidity and fine minerals.

I think this one is similar to a fighter, who has a real natural stance but very strong.

Why is this so tasty?

It is a truly nice Koshu.



2nd Marusan Wine Hyaku Bailey-A 2018  1430 yen

Almost all winemakers in Japan don’t like a sweet aroma and flavor of Muscat Bailey-A.

They try to produce wine without the sweet nuance.

However, Mr. Wakao, who is the owner & winemaker of Marusan Wine, says,

“I want to present the potential of Bailey-A with its sweet nuance.”

Well, exactly, I felt some sweet aroma, charming red berries and light touch mouthfeel.

Also, I could found very rich-deep fruits in the glass.

It is a unique but also very fine red wine, I think.

Additionally, the price is too cheap, I always say.