I cooked dinner, too.

May 28

No Wine Day



May 29

I cooked dinner.



Prosciutto, Marinated Hotaruika, Cheese, Nuts & Dry Fruits.





Seafood & Mushroom Gratin







Very good!





1st Camino Iberico Viura 2018  1320 yen

It is made from 100% Viura grown in Rioja Spain.

The style is crisp, pure, fresh and fruity.

Because it was a hot day, I wanted to taste this one chilly.

But it is not enough cold.

I put the bottle into the freezer.

Then I forgot it.

The bottle became a wine frappe.

Then I tried the frappe.

I was surprised that it was very nice.

You can taste this one by ice temperature.



2nd Camino Iberico Tempranillo 2018  1320 yen

It is made from 100% Tempranillo grown in Rioja Spain.

I tasted this one with cool temperature.

I felt fresh aroma, charming red berries, good acidity and light tannin.

The style was very cool and elegant.

It is quite different from the old big Rioja red.