Al & Dile is Super Fine!

May 27

I cooked dinner.



Roast Vegetables





Mediterranean Chirashi-Sushi








Both of the dishes are my specialties but I didn’t cook them recently.





I remember they are so nice.






1st Al & Dile Pinot Grigio 2018  1815 yen

It is made from 100% Pinot Grigio grown in Veneto Italy by sustainable method.

When I want to drink some finer white wine than usual, I often open this one.

I like the crisp aroma, fresh-rich fruits, very fine citrus and minerals.

It was very good for my cooks today.



2nd Al & Dile Merlot 2018  1815 yen

The red is very good, too.

I finished eating very fast today because my cooks were very delicious.

Then I tasted this Merlot without dishes.

Also, I enjoyed this one alone very much.

I like the ripe aroma, dense fruits, elegant acidity and silky tannin.

The mouthfeel was really comfortable.

I was sure again this Merlot was super fine.