The Total 20,182 Steps

Apr. 30

No Wine Day



May. 1

It was the first day in the five straight holidays.


Even though the strange weather today, I had a long walk near my house.




Kozoji Temple, which is popular as beautiful flowers.









Tokoin Temple, which is one of the oldest temples in this area.





Buaiso, which is a beautiful garden and a traditional wooden house.









I had a very nice walk.

The total walking was 20,182 steps.



Then I cooked dinner, Yakiniku BBQ.





Very good!





1st Boutinot Rose “Bonne Mine” 2019  1600 yen

“Bonne Mine” means “Nice Face”.

It is made from 100% Grenache grown in Languedoc.

It is a very charming rose wine.

I felt a lot of nice red berries, fine acidity and good minerals.

I tasted this one chilly.

It is very good for this season.




2nd al & dile Merlot 2018

It is made from 100% Merlot grown in Veneto Italy.

I felt elegant fruits, good acidity, dense tannin and elegant mouthfeel.

It was a very concentrated red wine but also very elegant.

It is really good for Yakiniku BBQ today.

So nice!