Dark Week ?

Apr. 29


Golden Week holidays was starting from today.

However, it is not Golden Week but Dark Week, I think because of the state emergency.


I cooked dinner.

I got very fresh local fishes at Odakyu OX near mu home.







I cooked Sashimi and Poêlé.







They were really different from an ordinary cooking.





1st Marusan Wine Miwakubo Chardonnay 2019  2200 yen

It is made from 100% Chardonnay grown in the estate vineyards in Miwakubo, Katsunuma Yamanashi.

I felt very clean fruits, elegant acidity, tender mouthfeel and fine minerals.

Also I could see the real ripe grapes in the glass.

What a charming white wine is this!

It is a very natural and tasty Chardonnay.



2nd Funky Chateau Pinot Gris 2019  3780 yen

I bought this one at R the wine shop in Okamoto.

Funky Chateau is a small family winery located at Aoki-mura, which is a small mountain side village in Nagano.

Because of the small products, the wine is difficult to find.

I tried to taste Funky Chateau at the first time.

Well…  Oh! I felt a big scale aroma, many kinds of delicious fruits, like a peach, melon, apple, pear, etc.

The taste touch was a kind of BIO wine.

It was very good for seafoods today.

I understand why Funky Chateau is difficult to find.