A Weak Running

Apr. 24

One year have already passed since I started a weak running every morning.

I run 3 km within about 18 minutes.

It is not an easy workout for me.




But I want to keep the running as much as possible.





1st Katsunuma Winery Aruga Branca Clareza 2019  2,200 yen

It is made from 100% Koshu grown in mainly Koshu-shi Yamanashi.

I think it is the best vintage ever.

I felt outstandingly elegant fruits, beautiful citrus and fine minerals.

I think this one is the most pure and natural Koshu wine in Japan.

The alcohol degree is only 10%.

However, I didn’t feel any washy taste.

I suppose that the winery doesn’t use a sugar.

Also I didn’t feel any bad taste which some Koshu wines have because of chemical additive.

I am sure Aruga Branca is one of the best Koshu wines.



2nd Asahimachi Wine Muscat Bailey-A Kashiwabara Vineyard 2019  1,650 yen

It is made from 100% Muscat Bailey-A grown in Kashiwabara Yamagata.

Because Kashiwabara is located at high altitude, the climate is very cool.

Thanks of the very late harvest, the grapes become ripe and sweet.

I felt concentrated fruits, charming red berries, elegant tannin and nice mouthfeel.

It is a very good Muscat Bailey-A.

I think the price is too much cheap.

It should be over 2,000 yen, I think.