The first Weed

Apr. 4

I found my garden to be overgrown with weeds.

Reluctantly, I weeded the garden at the first time in this year.





I did it for two hours.













I was so tired.





1st Kizan Wine White 2019  1595 yen

It is made from 100% Koshu grown in Enzan Yamanashi.

It is one of my most favorite Koshu wines.

I like the pure fruits, fine citrus and nice minerals.

The price is too cheap.

How strange…



2nd Kizan Wine Red 2019  1595 yen

The red is made from 100% Black Queen, which is a hybrid grape variety in Japan, grown in Enzan Yamanashi.

I felt strikingly brilliant acidity.

I also felt very rich fruits and comfortable acidity.

I am sure again that Kizan is outstanding winery in Japan.

Also, all of the wines are super reasonable.

It is like my Relax Wine, isn’t it?