Great Dinner!

Feb. 19

No Wine Day



Feb. 20

I went to Machida and visited to Machida Tenmangu Shrine.





I saw a lot of Ume blossoms.










Then I got a fine duck at Odakyu Department Machida Store.

After I came back home, I cooked dinner.







Green Herb Salad





Roasted Duck with Orange Sauce











1st Al & Dille Pinot Grigio 2019  1650 yen + tax

When I want to drink some upper class wine, I often open this Pinot Grigio.

It is made from 100% Pinot Grigio grown in Veneto Italy by sustainable farming.

I felt flowery aroma, elegant fruits, fine citrus and comfortable minerals.

I always admire this fine quality.

Thanks a lot for Alberto!



2nd Bouchard Pere & Fils Chambolle-Musigny 2018  8,600 yen + tax

I got this expensive wine with the super discount price by the wine set of The Cellar Web Shop.

Actually, I made this wine set.

Chambolle-Musigny is one of the most elegant wines in Cote d’Or.

You can drink this one earlier than the other Cote d’Or fine wines, they say.

However, it is a great vintage 2018.

You had the second hottest summer in France in 2018.

The style of wine is big and solid.

I know I should wait for a while to taste this one.

But I want to check the quality ASAP.

At first, I didn’t feel aroma, taste and flavor which this one had in nature.

It is too far early.

Finally, I got to feel brillante aroma and gorgeous fruits when I almost drank up.

Anyway, it is very good for the duck tonight.

It was a great dinner tonight!