Fujiclair Yamanashi

Feb. 21

It was a very warm day even though on February.




I walked around the near forest.




I saw many Ume blossoms.








I cooked dinner, Temaki-Sushi.





Temaki-Sushi is my most favorite food!






1st Fujiclair Koshu Barrel Fermented 2019  2,500 yen + tax

I bought this one at the online-shop of the winery.

It is made from 100% Koshu grown in Yamanashi and fermented in the oak cask.

It is a very fine Koshu.

I didn’t feel any too much oaky flavor.

I felt elegant fruits, soft acidity and fine minerals.

Very nice!

I am interested in its long maturing potential.



2nd Fujiclair Merlot 2019  2,020 yen + tax

It was the second time I had tasted this one.

After I tasted it at the first time, I went to the winery on-line shop and bought it again.

It is made from 100% Merlot grown in Yamanashi.

It is a very fine Japan Merlot.

The style is pure, natural and elegant.

It is different from any Merlot, Bordeaux, New World or Nagano, etc.

I like it’s very good balance among aroma, fruits, acidity and tannin.

It was very good for Temaki-Sushi today.