Happy Valentine’s day with Cescon!

Feb. 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I cooked dinner, Mizutaki-Nabe.





I took a chicken soup.

After boiled a chicken for six hours, I got a very nice soup.





The Mizutaki-Nabe was so nice!







1st Some France Wine

I bought this one at some wine shop.

The winery is popular.

However, daimajo-sama said, ” No, I can’t taste this one.”

Well, I thought it is not so bad.

Exactly, I felt some rough mouthfeel and some unnatural acidity.

OK, we will taste an another bottle.





2nd Cescon Ribolla Gialla NV  1,100 yen + tax

Then I opened this Veneto white wine.

” Yes, it is my taste.”, daimajo-sama said.

Well, I felt very pure and natural taste.

I didn’t feel any rough mouthfeel nor unnatural acidity.

Cescon only produces very natural wine.



3rd Cescon Raboso NV  1,100 yen + tax

I chose a red wine of Cescon, too.

At first, I felt a slight reductive flavor.

The flavor disappeared soon and very charming red fruits and fine acidity are coming up.

It has a very comfortable mouthfeel and a decent structure.

I am sure again that Cescon is a so nice wine.


Happy Valentine’s day with Cescon!