Ajimu Winery

Jul. 31

It is the third and the last day in Kyushu.


I visited to Ajimu Winery in Oita.

I had come here two years ago.

It was the second visit of the winery.



Mr. Furuya, the General Manager of the winery, guided me to the vineyards.




At first, I went to Yazu Vineyard.

The vineyard was built three years ago.

When I came here two years ago, only some parts had grape vines.



The plant has already finished.

I saw a great view of the vineyard.



The first grape picking is expected in this season.

I am really looking forward to tasting the first vintage.



Then we moved to the new vineyards, which is just developing now.



The view of new developing 15 ha vineyards was really magnificent.







Then by the way to the cellar, I saw beautiful Shokoshi, Japanese hybrid grape, at Shimoke Vineyards.




They will be pick up the next week.

So early!


Then I went back the cellar and bought several bottles for my personal drink.



Thank you very much for Furuya-san.

It was a very nice visit!



Then I went to Oita Airport.

By the way to the airport, I made a brief stop at a few old temples.




Finally, I had a great sushi dinner at the airport sushi-bar.




Oita is the place famous for fresh fishes.





The sushi today was outstanding.



It was a very nice three days trip.

Very good job!