Ancora Pinot Grigio

Aug. 1

No Wine Day



Aug. 2

I cooked a brief dinner.








Salmon Steak



Very good!




1st Ancora Pinot Grigio 2019  1,000 yen + tax

We received this white wine made in Lombardia Italy with the new vintage.

The previous vintage was out of stock for a while.

The new vintage is very good, too.

I felt white flower aroma, fresh fruits, nice acidity and fine minerals.

The taste is tremendously pure and natural.

I think it will gain much popularity.

I remember that I called this one as “The miracle 1000 yen wine” when the previous vintage arrived at first last year.



2nd Ancora Pinot Grigio Rose 2019  1,000 yen + tax

It is also the new arrival and the new vintage Lombardia Pinot Grigio.

The label says ” Rose”.

However, it is produced by the maceration method to get a slight skin color.

Yes, it is an ” Orange Wine”.

The style is similar to the first white wine.

Additionally, this one has outstandingly charming red berries and comfortable-slight tannins.

It is marvelously tasty.

I love this pure, charming natural mouthfeel.

What a delicious rose wine is this!

Oh! Actually, it is an Orange Wine.