Kikka Winery and Otto e Sette

Jul. 30

It is the second day in Kyushu.


I visited to Kikka Winery, which is the second cellar of Kumamoto Wine established in 2018.



I have had a long relationship with Kumamoto Wine but it is the first time I had visited to this new winery.



It’s a beautiful winery!



At first, I was guided to the vineyard by Mr. Hayashida, who is a reception staff.

It is a very well-organized single vineyard.

Because it has a lot of rain here, all the vineyard has wide roofs.

Many grape varieties are planted, Chardonnay, Viognier, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir,Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Gamey, etc.

They want to try to find the grape possibility in Kyushu.



I saw enough colored Pinot Noir.

They will be picked up next week.

Very early!!

It is the earliest Pinot Noir in Japan, I think.



After the vineyard watching, I went to the cellar.

It is a very well-organized wine cellar, too.

Because they want to produce only high quality wine, all of the tank are very small.



Then I tried to taste their fine wines.




I was very impressed in the new winery.

I look forward to tasting Kikka Wine in the future.



After the visit Kikka Winery, I went to Beppu Onsen by three hours mountain drive.

I saw a magnificent view of Aso Mountains.



Then I had a great dinner at Otto e Sette Oita.





I enjoyed tremendously delicious dishes, which were cooked by the steam of hot spring.



I also enjoyed nice local wines, Ajimu Wine and Kikka Wine.










After the dinner, I took a very nice onsen spring bath.



It was like a paradise tonight.

Thank you very much!