Super Wines!

Sep. 26

No Wine Day





Sep. 27

I hate it but I have kept a cold.


However, I cooked dinner, Temaki-Sushi.


I love Temaki-Suhsi.




1st Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde 2016 1500 yen

It was the final drinking in 5 bottles of the new arrivals from Portugal.


I love this one very much.

It’s quite different from other “OK” Vinho Verde I have ever tasted.

I like this very fine citrus, elegant fruits, fine minerals and deep-comfortable after taste.

I think it is an outstanding white wine in this class.

It was very good for Temaki-Sushi today.

That’s great! Fantastic!



2nd Domaine Takeda Bailey-A Vieille Vigne 2015 Sample Tasting

It was the sample bottle I was gave from the winery when I visited there last month.

It is made from the old vines, 70 years old, at the estate vineyard.


I was sure that it’s an absolutely outstanding Beiley-A.

At first, I felt slightly reductive nuance.

It’s gone very soon and multiply layered huge fruits appeared.

The fruits are deep, sweet, complex, elegant and sexy.

There are fruits, fruits, fruits, fruits and fruits!

Very fine acidity makes the multiply fruits be very elegant.

I think it is the one of best Bailey-A wines in Japan.