Orange Wine from Oriol Rossell

Jun. 3

No Wine Day



Jun. 4

It’s been a hectic day.

I don’t have time to prepare dinner, so I want to use Uber Eats. Shall I have sushi delivered to me? I thought, but I remembered that the nigiri sushi that was delivered to me while I was sick with Covid-19 before was not good.

So, I bought nigiri sushi at my local Odakyu OX.



When I put it on a platter, it was quite good.

Come to think of it, it may be the first time I’ve bought take-out nigiri sushi at the supermarket.

And this was quite delicious.



The small bowl is a pre-made bitter gourd champula.



1st Baron de Beau Rond Blanc 2020 950 yen

Since it was nigiri sushi, I naturally opened this wine.

It is a white wine from Languedoc has been appearing frequently on our dinner table recently.

Perfect for sushi.



2nd Oriol Rossell Valentino Xarel-Lo Brisat 2022 3,200 yen New arrival

I received a new orange wine from Oriol Rossell, Spain Penedes.

It made from 100% Xarel-Lo organically grown in the highest section of the estate vineyard “Seneco”.

It is fermented by wild yeasts with maceration method.

It is an orange wine called Brisat locally for a long time.

I felt gentle and plump fruits flavor, mild acidity, and elegant astringency.

There are various types of orange wine, but this one is like a friendly and easy-to-drink version of Radikon.

It is a very good orange wine.

It went well with sushi.

I want to try this one with my Mediterranean-style Chirashi-sushi next time.