The cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Mar. 7

The cherry blossoms of the Tsurumi River, which flows near the house, are also in full bloom.



The cherry blossoms in full bloom are powerful.


Today’s dish.




Chinese Salad with Tofu



Bitter Gourd Champloo



Tarraco Spaghetti



First of all, good work.




1st Araldica Piemonte Cortese 2022 1,120 yen

Today’s first bottle is a sustainable wine from Piemonte, Italy.

Cortese is the grape variety that makes up the famous Gavi.

I felt a fresh aroma like a slice of a blue apple.

I also felt pure fruitiness, clear acidity and rich minerality.

I think this white wine is also good value for money.



2nd Araldica Piemonte Barbera 2022 1,120 yen

This is also a sustainable wine from Piemonte.

Barbera is a grape variety born in Piemonte.

The clear and clear acid is impressive.

It has a rich fruit flavor and a smooth mouthfeel.

There are also nuances like Pinot Noir with a cool feeling.

It is a good wine.