Tortues en Crique

Mar. 6

It’s a day of cleaning, laundry, cleaning up the garden, and all other household chores that I had been slacking off.


The dinner was classic bistro style.


Madai Carpaccio



Prosciutto, Strawberry and Broccoli Salad



Herb-Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potatoes



I used a generous amount of rosemary and mint from the garden and bake it in the oven.



The aroma of herbs throughout the room was soothing.




1st Tortues en Crique Chardonnay Viognier 2022  1,230 yen

It is a long-selling wine from Languedoc.

The calm fruit flavor of Chardonnay is very well matched with the aromatic Viognier flavor.

My Relax Wine promises the fresh and pure mouthfeel

It was perfect for the madai carpaccio.



2nd Tortues en Crique Syrah Mourvedre 2022 1,230 yen

It is made from a combination of spicy grape varieties representing the South France.

Before this red wine, it had a very rich, full-bodied taste, but now it has a cooler and more elegant taste due to my taste.

Among the relaxing wines, it has a strong taste, but it is not sticky at all and can be drunk lightly.

It was perfect for the chicken today.