Kimchi Nabe was delicious.

Jan. 17

Today’s dish.


Raw Oysters



Madai Sashimi






This Kimchi Nabe was delicious.




1st bottle Bellecourt Blanc de Blancs Brut NV 1,350 yen

My kimchi-nabe is quite moderately spicy, but it is still difficult to choose a wine to go with.

In such a case, sparkling wine.

This Languedoc sparkling is nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s surprisingly solid.

I felt a pleasant fruitiness and pure mouthfeel.

It was good for kimchi nabe today.



2nd Diamond Winery Van du Chabudai Rouge 2021

This Muscat Bailey-A is also a wine with a strong quality.

At first, there was a slight reducing odor, but it quickly disappears and overflows with beautiful red fruit.

This also took the kimchi well.

This Diamond Winery’s Muscat Bailey A, which is the cheapest wine, is also very tasty.