Nov. 27

No Wine Day



Nov. 28

Today’s dish.


Unagi-Takikomi-Gohan, a steamed rice with eel.



It is combined a rice cooked in a red wine-based sauce and an eel grilled in the same red wine-based sauce.



It’s a simple dish, but it’s Dela-Uma.




1st Marquis de Beau Rond Rose 2022 980 yen

It’s probably the wine I’ve been drinking the most lately.

I don’t think it’s fresh or interesting in terms of diary, but I love this wine.

It is a rose wine made from Syrah, Grenache and Merlot from Languedoc.

It’s similar to the Lombardy rose I drank the other day, but this one has a mellower acid and a gentler mouthfeel.

Perfect for eels today.



2nd bottle Bellecourt Pinot Noir 2022  1,330 yen

The red is Pinot Noir from Languedoc.

At one point, due to the shortage of bottles in the EU, it was changed to a Bordeaux-type bottle, but it has finally returned to a Burgundy-type bottle.

After all, Pinot Noir looks good in the Burgundy type.

I felt rich berry fruits, charming acid that stretches well, and a smooth and pleasant mouthfeel.

It is a very elegant Pinot Noir.

This was also perfect for today’s eels.