It was a hectic day.

Nov. 19

It was a hectic day.

I drove around here and there.

I saw Mt. Fuji and Nissan Stadium seen from near Shin-Yokohama Station.



I took it from the window of the car, so the angle was not good, but it was beautiful.



The ginkgo trees in Jingu Gaien were also in full bloom.



After returning home, I had dinner at a nearby Saizeriya.



I chose the usual Lambrusco Rosso.

Every time I drink this, I’m always impressed.

It’s hard to believe that you can drink wine of this quality for 1,000 yen with very  weak yen in these days.



Saizeriya is also nice to be able to eat a lot of salads.



This mozzarella salad was the second dish.



The pasta and dessert were very delicious, too.



The bill was very gentle, and I was very satisfied tonight.


Can I come every day?