There is a rice field about 3 minutes’ walk

Oct. 18

There is a rice field about 3 minutes’ walk from my house.



It looks like a good harvest this year.



Today’s dishes.


Prosciutto and Petite Tomato Salad






Lasagna was left to sit overnight and then baked.



It feels soft and more delicious.



1st Domaine de Preignes le Neuf Viognier 2021 1,900 yen

It is a sustainable wine from Languedoc-Bézier.

I felt fresh fruits flavor like raw grapes.

The minerality I felt is unique to the vineyards along the Mediterranean.

It has a pure mouthfeel that is crystal clear everywhere.

This is very delicious.



2nd Joseph Roche Syrah 2021 1,200 yen

Red is also from the south of France.

It is made from 100% Syrah.

The image of the southern Syra is rich and spicy, but this is a delicate and elegant type.

The fruit flavor is thick and plentiful, but it has a refreshing acidity, mellow astringency, and a smooth mouthfeel.

This is a high cost-performance.

It was perfect for today’s lasagna.

The import source is Diony. As expected.