The Tallest Bottle in My Life

Jan. 15

I cooked dinner, Mizutaki-Nabe.



I took a soup from the morning.



After six hours boiling, I got a very nice soup.







1st Turckheim Pinot Noir T Magnum 2016

Because I wanted to taste some excellent Pinot Noir, I chose this one.

It is the red top cuvee of the winery.

It is made from 100% Pinot Noir grown in the estate vineyard in Alsace.

It was a truly excellent Pinot Noir.

I felt strong aroma, complex red berries, beautiful acidity and seamless tannin.

The taste and flavor were very concentrated.

Also, the mouthfeel was cool and elegant.

It was a really excellent Pinot Noir.

I enjoyed this one very much.


Anyway, the bottle is the tallest I have ever tasted.