I was beat-up.

Jul. 28

Should I quit a 3 km running every morning.

The temperature was 29℃ at 7:00 am today.

I was so beat-up.



1st Misono Vineyard Delaware 2021  2300 yen

It is an orange Petillant made from 100% Delaware grown in Yoichi Hokkaido by organic method.

I didn’t feel some ester-nuance which I had felt before.

I might get used to it?

I felt very nice acidity and fruits.

Also, I felt some tender mouthfeel which non-sulfur wine often has.

I like this one very much.



2nd Santa Seraffa Gavi di Gavi 2020  2000 yen

It is made from 100% Cortese grown in the estate vineyards in central Gavi, Piemonte.

The winery produces only Gavi white wine.

I was impressed in the very fine minerals.

Also, the mouthfeel was very pure and clean.

It is a really good Gavi.

I waked up!!