The end of Natural Wine

Sep. 25

I participated in the symposium “ The end of Natural Wine” organized by Waseda University.




The guest speakers are Mr. Koki Oyamada, who is the director of Nakahara Winery, and Mr. Hirotake Ooka, who is the owner of La Grande Colline Japon.




Bothe of them are the top winemaker & grape grower of Narutal Wine in Japan.



Because Professor Fukuda, who is the chairman of the symposium, is my wine friend, I was invited to the event.



About 300 participants gathered at NO. 102 class of No. 14 building Waseda Campus.

The big class was filled to the capacity.



The symposium was held for 2 hours 30 minutes.



I could feel a huge passion for Natural Wine of the two guest speakers.

I could lean about Natural Wine very much.




The most impression word for me from the speakers are following,


Mr. Oyamada, “ Nobody can stop the person who want to make wine.”


Mr. Ooka, “The god is in the glass. That’s a great wine.”



I was very happy joining such great opportunity.

Thank you very much!



After the event, I wanted to taste nice Natural Wine.

Then I dropped to ketoku, a natural wine bar in Gotokuji, on the way to home.




I found the bottles of Yellow Magic Winery in their cellar.

It is a new winery in Yamagata.

I heard they produced very good Natural Wine but I haven’t tasted them.



I chose “DOGGED” KOSHU 2021 and Pump up Rouge 2021.



Both of them were very, very nice.



Every dishes was very nice, too.




I enjoyed the dinner very much.

It was a very nice day today!!