Masuki food & beverage trade show

Jun. 20

No Wine Day



Jun. 21

I participated in a food & beverage trade show organized by Masuki, which is a major distributer in the metropolitan area.

Masuki is a sales agent of Relax Wine for a long time.



I had a wine tasting booth.



I have been joining this event since twenty years ago.

However, the event was canceled two years ago because of Covid 19.

Also, this event was held at a reduced scale.



Finally, it was held by the normal scale in this year.

There were many wine importers.




We received a lot of wine professionals.

I saw many old friends and customers.



The face to face business meeting is far better than on-line one for me.

I was very busy but very happy.


Fortunately, my Relax Wine got very good reputations.




I think I did a very good job!



After I came back home, I tasted the wine bottles  left over from the event today.

They were very nice.

Thank you very much!