The First Time in Six Days

Jun. 17

No Wine Day



Jun. 18

I cooked dinner.


I got a very fresh Chidai.



Then I grilled the skin and bone.



I cooked the white meet to a carpaccio with bonito.



Very good!


Green Salad



Madai Poêlé with Gratin



Every dish was great!



1st Marquis de Beau Rond Sauvignon Blanc 2020  930 yen

I tasted wine at home for the first time in six days because I had a business trip, business dinner and no wine days.

Then I chose my basic wine, Marquis de Beau Rond Sauvignon Blanc.

I felt nice fruits, good citrus and fine minerals.

The taste was very pure and natural.

I didn’t feel any off-flavor.

It is a really good wine.



2nd Marquis de Beau Rond Cabernet Sauvignon 2019  930 yen

The red is Marquis de Beau Rond Cabernet Sauvignon.

I felt charming fruits, nice acidity and silky tannin.

It has a pronounced body but the taste is very elegant.

It is always tasty.

I am proud that I am the importer of Marquis de Beau Rond.