I moved to Kobe

Jun. 13

I moved to Kobe in the early evening.



Then I had a dinner with the staff of Hakutsuru Sake Brewery, which I am in charge of a wine consulting.



We enjoyed a yakitori dinner with glasses of sake.



It was the first time I had had a yakitori dinner by grilling my self.



The yakitori was very nice, very delicious.



Then we tasted a bottle of Bolnay, which is a fine England sparkling wine, which will be imported by Hakutsuru soon.



The bottle was BYO.

We were very happy.




After dinner, I was never going to Karaoke, I was absolutely not going to Karaoke.

Because I was almost dead by Karaoke in Kobe last month.



However, I went to Karaoke and was almost dead again…