Very Fresh Local Fishes

May 13

We had a heavy rain in Hakone.



Changing my plan, I went back home earlier.


Sashimi Today



I bought the sashimi in Odawara on the way to home.

All of the fishes were local ones.

They were extraordinary fresh!

So delicious!



1st Tortoise Creek Sauvignon Blanc 2019  1180 yen

It is the last stock before the name of wine has changed to Tortues en Crique.

It is made from 100% Sauvigonon Blanc grown in Languedoc.

I felt fresh fruits, fine citrus and good minerals.

The taste is very pure and natural.

It is one of the longest seller wine in Relax Wine.



2nd Tortoise Creek Syrah Mourvedre 2019  1130 yen

It is the last stock before the name change, too.

It is made from Syrah and Mourvedre grown in Languedoc.

I felt concentrated fruits and dense tannin.

But the mouthfeel was easy and elegant.

This pure and natural taste is a typical style of Relax Wine.

Very good!