At the First Time

May 2

No Wine Day



May 3

It was a very fine day.

I cooked two dishes for dinner.





Roast Vegetables



Tonight, we had left over dishes, too.

I cleaned up my refrigerator.



1st Cantina Hiro Felicissimo Biance Koshu 2019  2700 yen

Cantina Hiro is a family vineyards and winery in Makioka Yamanashi established in 2013.

They grow the grapes by sustainable method and produced wine without additives except a little SO2.

It tasted the wine from this winery at the first time.


What a clean style wine is this!

I felt very clean fruits and beautiful acidity.

I felt a rich body and big fruits even though the alcohol degree was only 9%.

It is so tasty.

The taste is different from the standard style of Koshu wine.

I felt very pure fruits like a Ribolla Gialla or Pinot Bianco in North Italy.

It is a new style of Koshu wine.

I want to taste a different wine made in this winery.



2nd Haramo Merlot 2016

It is made from 100% Merlot grown in the estate vineyards of the winery in Yamanashi.

I tasted this top cuvee of the winery at the first time since a long time ago.

I felt red fruits aroma, delicious grape flavor, good cask nuance, well-balanced acidity and soft tannin.

I felt a very elegant taste and flavor.

It is a very fine Japan Merlot.

The back label says they produced only 867 bottles.

I have done one bottle…