”Mock Cordon”


I pruned the vine of Cabernet in my garden.


The style of pruning was ”Mock Guyot” last year.



I changed the style to ”Mock Cordon” this year.



Good job?




1st Cescon Ribolla Gialla NV  1100 yen

I tasted a lot of fine wines in these three days.

I came back to the standard version today.

It is my favorite white wine.

I felt pure fruits, fine acidity and natural mouthfeel.

Very good!



2nd Cescon Raboso del Veneto

I felt natural fruits, modest acidity and mild tannin.

Also, I felt some unique flavor from the grape variety.

The elegant taste was very good for my body that had some fatigue of New Year.

I will taste a lot of Cescon wines in this year, as well.