The Last Day in Aomori

Jul. 10

It was the third day and the last day in Aomori.





I was going to have a sightseeing in Lake Towada and take the last flight from Misawa Airport.

But I knew my flight was canceled by a bad weather in the morning.

I could change the flight from Aomori Airport in the afternoon.



Then I moved to Aomori Airport directly. 





By the way, I dropped at Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum.







There were a lot of Kokeshi dolls.







I arrived at Aomori Airport at 12:00.

However, unfortunately, the new flight was also canceled because of the bad weather.

All flights today were canceled.





Reluctantly, I moved to Shin-Aomori Station and took a Shinkansen train to Tokyo.







I managed to come back to home safety.

It was a long day, too.



I think I did a good job.