Yayoidaira Vineyard

Jul. 9

I had a morning run in Hirosaki.





It was nice to see the different view in running.






Then I went to Yayoidaira vineyard.

It took 30 minutes from the central Hirosaki city.





The vineyard was reclaimed in this year.

Mr. Osanai, who is the vineyard owner & grape grower, is my old friend.

He worked in Suntory for 37 years.

He quit Suntory last year and started his own vineyard.





The vineyard is located at the foot of Mt. Iwaki.





Also, I saw the splendid view of Mt. Hakkoda on the opposite side.

It was a magnificent view!




He grows Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc at the 0.9 ha vineyard.

Fortunately, all of the young vines are growing well.





I wish he gets a big success.



After the vineyard tour, we had a nice lunch at a nice café near the vineyard.










Then we went to Iwakiyama Shrine, which is a very popular and one of the oldest shrines in Tohoku.





I felt a very nice and solemn atmosphere.





Finally, I stayed Ainori Onsen in Ikarigaseki, where is the border between Aomori prefecture and Akita prefecture.

The room and bath was amazingly big and gorgeous.






I enjoyed outstandingly nice local dishes, local wines and “onsen” hot spring.









I was sure I did a good job today.