The Total 21,735 steps

May. 3

I decided to have a walk in the G.W. this year.






At first, I went to Buaiso as well.





I bought a ceramic plate and small earthen caps at the museum shop.





Then I walked in Nogaya Kitsunekubo Park adjacent to Buaiso. 







Then I went back Tsurumi River and kept a walking.







I walked well.

The total walk today was 21,735 steps.



Then I cooked dinner simply.







I used the ceramic plate I bought today.

It looked nice!













1st Momokawa Junmaishu Nebuta

I don’t show any sake on my diary but I often taste sake a little before wine.

I wanted to try to use the small earthen cap I bought today.





This sake is brewed in Aomori from 100% rice.

It is my most favorite sake recently.

I felt clean mouthfeel and pure “Umami”.

The after taste was very clean.

The earthen cap was very god for sake.



2nd Kumamoto Wine Kikka Chardonnay 2019

I bought this white wine at the winery last year.

It is made from 100% Chardonnay grown in Kikka Kumamoto.

It was a very clean style white wine.

I felt pure fruits, nice acidity and good minerals.

The taste is very sharp.

I enjoyed the dinner today, as well.