A room BBQ in summer

Aug. 17

I wanted to have a BBQ dinner and bought a griddle.

It was the first BBQ at home in these 20 years.



At first, I didn’t remember how to cook it.

Finally, I managed to cook it.

However, the temperature rose up a lot and the room was pervaded by smoke.


I will not have a room BBQ again in summer time.




1st Lieubeau Method Traditionnelle “1816” NV  2250 yen + tax

Lieubeau is an old winery established in 1816 in Muscadet Loire.

It is made from 70% Chardonnay and 30% Folle Blanche grown by Terra Vitis method.

I felt crispy babbles, nice acidity and fine minerals.

The style is truly pure and natural.

I am sure again this sparkling wine is really tasty.



2nd Turckheim Pinot Noir 2017  2000 yen + tax

I tasted Pinot Noir, as well.

I felt nice red berries, good acidity, soft tannin and charming mouthfeel.

The style was very pure, cool and natural.

It is the character of Alsace Pinot Noir, which is evolving a lot recently.

Of course, I tasted this one very cold.