The third day of the South Africa trip


Feb. 16

It was the third day of the South Africa trip.



I walked around the vineyard of Stark-Conde in the morning.



A lot of grapes are waiting for the picking soon.



Then I joined in a winery tour of Stark-Conde with some Japanese tourists party.



Jose led us the wine tasting from the barrels.



It was a very good experience.



Then we had a very nice launch at the winery restaurant named Post Card Café.



The restaurant is very, very popular in Stellenbosch.



All tables were always full.





We enjoyed very nice foods, very nice wines and very nice garden view.




Then I moved to Hout Bay in Cape Peninsula and stayed a gorgeous beach side hotel.




I felt If I were in the movie.



I saw a beautiful sunset by tasting Cap Classic.




The dinner was outstanding!






It was a really dreaming stay!