Recovered and Started working

Jan. 27

No Wine Day




Jan. 28

I have recovered and started working today.

I did a lot of paper works.

I took six day-off in this time.

I found it was the longest vacation for me since Cave de Relax opened 19 years ago.





1st Araldica Piemonte Cortese 2016 1030 yen

I finished taking an antibiotic.

Then I felt the taste of wine was getting better.

I could find delicate fruits flavor in this dry taste.

I am sure again that there is nothing more valuable than good health.



2nd Araldica Piemonte Barbera 2015 1030 yen

I felt a lot of red fruits and very good acidity.

That is a typical good barbera style.

It is a very good opportunity that you can taste Piemonte good wine with only 1000 yen, I think.

Very good!