Gassan Winery Koshu & Yama Sauvignon

Jan. 30

Oh! No!

January will soon finish.





1st Gassan Winery Koshu Sur Lie 2015 1840 yen

It is made from 100% Koshu grown in Yamagata.

It is the north limit Koshu.

This Koshu is getting better year after year.

I love this very fine citrus.

I felt a very long-comfortable after taste with very fine acidity.

The style is very unique.

Only Gassan Koshu has such kind of style.

There are many Koshu wine in Japan.

I am sure this Koshu is ranked in the top ten.

Or more upper level?

It’s outstandingly tasty!



2nd Gassan Winery Yama Sauvignon 2014 1840 yen  New Arrivals

Yama Sauvignon is a hybrid grape born from Yama Budo, a Japanese wild grape, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

This red is also getting better year after year.

I didn’t any strange aroma that Yama Budo often had.

I like this very elegant-strong red acidityand very comfortable after taste.

It is very unique style Japan wine.

Very impressive!