Hamada Vineyard Bacchus

Jul. 5

No Wine Day



Jul. 6

It’s clinging and unbearably hot.

It’s a 7-8 minutes walking to the nearby supermarket, but I’m drenched in sweat just from the round trip. I got sick.


Today’s dishes.





Madai Carpaccio



Roasted Vegetables



Seafood Grill



It’s hot and the cooking was hard.




1st Hamada Vineyard Bacchus 2020 4,300 yen

I wanted to drink a delicious Japan wine to get rid of the heat, so I pulled out the Bacchus from Hamada Vineyard in Mikasa City, Hokkaido.

It’s slightly gentle, discreet but gorgeous, and it’s really delicious.

I felt fresh and pure fruitiness, pleasant acidity and elegant minerality.

I cooled it down and took a sip, and I felt a lift from my shoulders.



Daimajo-sama, who has been certified as requiring nursing care four times, also loves this wine.

If it’s a good wine, she take a glass and drink it herself, which makes me happy.

Thank you, Mr. & Ms. Hamada.



2nd Bruno Lafon Ripaile Pinot Noir 2022  

I bought it at the Odakyu OX Kyodo store.

One of the family members of Burgundy’s most prestigious Comte Lafon, produces this Pinot Noir made in Languedoc.

It was about 2,000 yen.

I drank it for the first time, and I was surprised that it was Burgundy.

If I drank blind, I’m sure I’d think it is Burgundy.

It seems to be called the village name wine of Marsanne or Fixin.

I felt a nice acid of the fruits that stretches beautifully, the minerality with a slight bitterness, and the smooth mouthfeel.

It’s delicious, as expected.

It is a popular wine, and I understood that when the importer put it on sale, it sold out quickly.