Today’s promised pairing

Jun. 28


It has been raining heavily since morning.

Today is a No Wine Day.



Jun. 29

I cooked a Mediterranean-style Chirashi-Sushi.

Kihada-Maguro, Wild Amberjack, Bonito, Atlantic Salmon, Shrimp.



At a local supermarket, I was able to get better fishes than I expected.



Mediterranean-style Chirashi-Sushi, it’s been a long time.



After all, it’s so delicious!



I also ate Edamame.




1st Baron de Beau Rond Blanc 2020 950 yen

It is a white wine from Languedoc facing the Mediterranean.

It is a blend of Grenache Blanc and Marsanne.

It is a standard wine in my house.



2nd Oriol Rossell Valentino Brisat 2022 3,200 yen

It is a new orange wine from Oriol Rossell, which is a winery near Barcelona facing the Mediterranean.

It made from100% Xarel-lo organically grown in the highest plot “Seneco Vineyard”.  

It is fermented with wild yeast for 10 days without sulfur additives.

The last time I drank it for the first time, I wrote in my diary that I would like to try it with Mediterranean-style sushi next time.

Today’s promised pairing. Let’s see.


Oh, oh, oh, oh!

After all, it is perfect and exquisite.

The deep mellow fruit flavor and subtle astringency went very well with olive oil.

The savory flavor that I can’t tell you is delicious.

Well, it’s definitely wine for sushi.