I went to Fukushima.

May 14

Today, I went to Fukushima.



In the early afternoon, I arrived at the York Benimaru headquarters in Koriyama.



I was in charge of wine seminars.

This term, we will study wine thoroughly with four staff members selected from among the managers in charge of alcoholic beverages at 250 stores.


For the first time, today, what should the wine section of the supermarket look like? This raises the question.

Over the next year, we will find the answers.



Wine tasting is also a full-fledged blind tasting.


There were also tasting comments that made me think, “Wow, I see.”

Everyone seems to have a pretty good streak.



From now on, the seminar will be held once a month, but please use the textbook I gave you to study a daily basis.


After the seminar repairs, while waiting for the Shinkansen train at Koriyama Station, I had a light drink at the local sake bar “Morissyu” in the station concourse today.



Aizu’s horse sashimi is delicious.



Oh, and there is a red wine from “Kawauchi Winery” in Kawauchi Village, Futaba District, on the menu.



Speaking of Kawauchi Village, it was a place where evacuation orders were issued for a long time due to the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.


After the evacuation order was lifted, they started growing grapes in 2016, completed the winery in 2021, and released the first vintage in 2022.


This is Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon 2022 from the Village series made by grapes grown in Kawauchi Village.

I tasted this one for the first time.



Oh, the wax cap!


And this is really delicious.


I felt the aroma of red fruits, the fine and dense body, the smooth acidity, and the pure mouthfeel.

The aftertaste is long and pleasant.



Well, this is a very high-level Japan red wine.

The time for the bullet train was approaching, but I had another glass instead.



Kawauchi Winery is a winery that I will be paying attention to from now on.